The security situation is ever changing and remains fluid both domestically and internationally.  The increased threat of nefarious cyber activity is a clear and present danger to all end-users and continues to bolster awareness within the industry. 


Firms within the security field in particular are faced with information technology challenges where a secure infrastructure well beyond that of password protection is essential as they must manage both parallel projects as well as complex scenarios in remote and high risk regions.  Preparedness and contingency planning becomes all-the-more vital as the bulk of security operations are fundamentally out-of-the-box in scope, where standardised software packages are an unpractical solution. Simultaneously, ‘island’ security solutions used in parallel can lead to increased man-hours and can also create inefficiencies in the security framework.  

Our specialists possess significant experience in the security field ranging from military to corporate asset, person as well as location protection.  This provides us with a solid understanding the diverse internal processes and gives us optimum situational awareness  and ensures we work to the highest standard for custom safety and security requirements in sensitive areas. 

In addition to reviewing digital access points, we offer IT security solutions well beyond data encryption that encompasses a complete review of vulnerable data to open source channels using red team tactics.  This ensures the prevention in metadata extraction without tampering the current encryption and security protocols.  

We offer a complete turn-key solution encompassing classical consulting and strategic planning as well as an evaluation of existing infrastructures and self-program boutique security concepts. This is the most effective means for creating the optimum tailor-made IT security concept.


  • IT Security audits and determination of key assets
  • Planning and implementation of secure communication concepts
  •  IT Architecture, programming of Apps and implementing security and defensive systems for Board Members, R&D, and patents, key client data
  • Integration and planning on top of the current Security concept. (Hardware/Software/Encyrption/Auhtorisation)


  • Implementation of additional Security Levels in existing Systems
  • Damage control and forensics after a  Cybercrime attak has occurred
  • Lay out of Action Plan with internal IT and key personal

Encyrption is only a portion of the total concept, this alone does not ensure an all encompasing IT Security concept.